Big Brother 8 has released its cast list. According to Variety, the show will feature:

Amber, 27, from Las Vegas, a separated cocktail waitress.

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Carol, 21, from Lawrence, Kansas, a single student.

Daniele, 20, from Huntington Beach, California, a single waitress.

Dick, 44, from Los Angeles, a Single bar manager

Dustin, 22, from Chicago, a single shoe salesman.

Eric, 27, from New York, a single talent management assistant.

Jameka, 28, from Waldorf, Md., a single school counselor.

Jen, 23, from Beverly Hills, California, a single nanny.

Jessica, 21, from Haysville, Kan., a single college student.

Joe, 23, from Chicago, a single receptionist.

Kail, 37, a married business owner from McKenzie Bridge, Ore.

Mike, 26, from Three Lakes, Wis., a single painting contractor.

Nick, 25, from Kimball, Minn., a single former pro football player.

Zach, 30, from Burbank, Calif., a single graphic designer.

CBS will be making the series more interactive this year. Viewers will be given the option to control one of the members in the house. The debut episode is set to air July 5th at 8 p.m. This year's team will include a few players that have unresolved personal issues with each other. Should be a fun watch.

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