CBS Films has acquired the spec screenplay Split by Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson.

The story centers on a young woman who has been in and out of foster homes and state institutions her whole life, when she meets her identical twin sister she never knew existed. They both discover superhuman abilities they possess, as they must go on the run to keep their powers hidden from nefarious forces.

The writers both developed the project internally at CBS Films before working on the screenplay. Ryan Conroy is overseeing the project for the studio. No production schedule was given.

Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson are best known for their horror movies such as Toolbox Murders for director Tobe Hooper and Mother of Tears for director Dario Argento. They also co-wrote Autopsy, Night of the Demon and Fertile Ground, which were all directed by Adam Gierasch.