It's hard to believe but the Osmond Brothers have been performing for over 50 years. Last year they performed an anniversary concert in Las Vegas which has begun airing on PBS stations around the country. The concert includes clips from their past, a walk-on by Andy Williams who discovered the original Osmond Brothers Quartet, and many of their hits from the past 50 years.

Keep in mind that this concert was produced with the intention of running during pledge time on PBS stations and there are several interruptions during the show to cut to local stations for information about donating to the station. There are several long breaks between the concert segments, which are fine, however the concert itself is not up to Osmond standards. Perhaps it is in the editing, but the songs are not complete and the camera work is not smooth. It jumps around from the stage to the audience and doesn't give the viewers their best look at the performers. If, however, you were in the audience, then you probably enjoy these shots.

The Osmond family is known for perfection. Unfortunately, this show was not up to par. Yes, they are older. They've been around longer than most performers. The concert itself was probably very good, but the way it was put together for television viewers leaves a lot to be desired.

This was a concert to celebrate the Osmond Brothers' 50th Anniversary in show business and should have focused on them, but half the show highlights Donny and Marie and even Jimmy, which is fine, but not the intent of the concert. The younger three are not even 50 years old yet.

With older brother Alan sidelined these days due to his infliction with MS, youngest brother Jimmy has joined the brothers in their concerts, taking over the lead from former lead singer Merrill. Alan does join his siblings for one song.

Die-hard Osmond fans will definitely want to tune in to watch this special concert. It's a treat for your ears and a look back in time. Down by the Lazy River, The Proud One, Love Me for a Reason, Yo-Yo, Puppy Love, Paper Roses, Soldier of Love, and Long Haired Lover from Liverpool are some of the many hits this family has had over the past five decades and are included in this concert, along with many other songs from the family's repertoire.

It's an amazing feat to make it through 50 years in the business. Let's hope their next anniversary concert is put together better than this one. I'd have to rate this 3 out of 5 stars. It's fun to see, but could have been better.