With the World Cup in full swing, a new international trailer has debuted for the animated comedy Underdogs (entitled The Unbeatables internationally), which tells a unique soccer-themed story on a much different scale. Rupert Grint voices Amadeo, a young man who shows his love of soccer by becoming an unbeatable foosball player, instead of playing the sport for real. When he is challenged to a real soccer match by the villainous Grosso (Diego Ramos), Amadeo gets some unexpected allies when the tiny foosball players on his table magically come to life. Peter Serafinowicz, Anthony Head and Rob Brydon round out the voice cast in director Juan José Campanella's animated comedy, which arrives in theaters January 16, 2015 from The Weinstein Company.

Amadeo loves football, so much he becomes an unbeatable player on the arcade-version of the game installed in the small café laying in the small town he lives. Grosso, the bad guy in the film, challenges Amadeo to a real football match, because he know he cannot beat Amadeo on the arcade. In such thing the arcade-game players come to live and after a lot of adventures, they help Amadeo in the fight with Grosso... and the rest of his life.

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