Earlier in the year, Donald Trump was fired from NBC, and lost his seat as host of Celebrity Apprentice. He has since hit the campaign trail, hoping to become the next President of the United States. Now, as he prepares to take center stage at Wednesday's GOP debate on CNN, a new Celebrity Apprentice host has been found. And it's former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger will become the new chief mentor and executioner on the reality competition series. With the news comes much speculation that instead of using Donald Trump's iconic catchphrase 'You're Fired!' Arnold Schwarzenegger will use either 'You're Terminated!' Or, 'You will not be back!' Or some combination of both. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has yet to reveal what his new catch phrase will be. But he did have this to say in a statement.

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"I've always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice and the way it showcases the challenges and triumphs of business and teamwork. I am thrilled to bring my experience to the boardroom and to continue to raise millions for charity.  Let's get started!"

Donald Trump apparently made it known to NBC that he would not be back for more Celebrity Apprentice as he gears up for the election trail before making some controversial comments about illegal immigrants crossing the border. NBC parted ways with Donald Trump because of his stance on illegals, and this included dumping the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are co-owned by Donald Trump's organization. NBC and Donald Trump did call a truce, mediating their relationship. The presidential hopeful then went onto appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Friday, September 11.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will take over Celebrity Apprentice for the 2016-2017 season, with NBC calling it a 'new phase' for the reality competition. NBC chose Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his two terms as governor of California, which saw him managing more than 300,000 state employees along with a state budget in the hundreds of billions. He has been successful in his real estate and sports franchise investments. And he is known globally as an iconic action film star. Over six decades, he has pulled in billions at the worldwide box office. NBC did note that Donald Trump was successful in raising $15 million for charity during his time spent hosting the show. Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Late Night Programming, NBC Entertainment, made the following statement.

"We are thrilled to be opening a powerful new chapter in the story of the 'Apprentice' franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a global brand in entertainment and business, and his accomplishments in the political arena speak for themselves. It was Arnold's personal passion for the format that Mark Burnett and Donald Trump built over the last decade, as well as his fresh take on how to take it to new heights for today's audiences, that made him the man to hire. 'The Celebrity Apprentice' ... will be back!"

Celebrity Apprentice stands as one of the most successful reality franchises in the history of TV. The show follows a group of business-minded celebrity contestants who work in teams, performing various tasks to win weekly challenges. While doing this, they must employ a business model that promotes teamwork and ends with a financially successful outcome. And it's all done for a worthy charity. About the upcoming changes, executive producer Mark Burnett explained the following.

"After leaving the show to run for political office, Donald made it clear that he wanted 'The Celebrity Apprentice' to be able to continue to raise millions of dollars annually for worthy causes, and now NBC and I have found an amazing new leader to do just that. Gov. Schwarzenegger will use his vast and highly successful business, political and media experience to drive this hit franchise to new heights."

Arnold Schwarzenegger most recently appeared in Terminator Genisys, with two back-to-back sequels planned throughout the rest of the decade. While the movie underperformed in the states, it went onto be a global hit. He is also set to appear in two other sequels based on some of his earliest and biggest hits, with the Twins follow-up Triplets set to happen before The Legend of Conan. Neither movie has a firm release date set, and it isn't known how Arnold Schwarzenegger's new hosting duties may affect these two movies as they continue to come together.