Male nudity has always been a social taboo, especially when it comes to showing any front side action. But over the past decade, more and more actors are becoming comfortable with showing their business whether they aught to be, or not. Just this past weekend, famed comedy director Judd Apatow decided it was time to show off his family jewels in the comedy Popstar. But now it sounds like that won't be the only famous body on display at the cineplex this summer. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has just confirmed that he'll be showing off more of his body than we've ever seen before.

Johnson actually hasn't committed to going full frontal, but we'll definitely see his cheekier side in the upcoming action comedy Central Intelligence. The man is no stranger to showing off his chiseled physique. He barely wears any tights at all when climbing into the WWE ring. And he's gone scantly clad before, in roles like The Scorpion King. We've definitely seen the guy without his shirt on. And we'll get a lot of that in Baywatch. But this is the first time he'll be showing his ass, literally.

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Central Intelligence won't be the first time The Rock has shown off his posterior region. He's also gone pants-less in his HBO series Baller. But as he tells E!, this is the first time we'll ever get to see his naked frame on the big screen. And the people's champion only has his co-star Kevin Hart to blame. It was the comedian who convinced Johnson that audiences really want to see his buttocks.

"I remember sitting at the table and the question was, 'Are you going to show your butt in this movie?' and I was like, 'Nah.' [But then] Kevin was like, 'Yes. You should.' It got a little uncomfortable."

Kevin Hart wasn't going to let his co-star step onto the world stage sans clothes alone. The diminutive comedic tsunami was quick to offer his services as well. All in the name of a good joke. Hart explains he would have also gone nude.

"I told him, 'The audience that we want wants your butt,' If they wanted my butt, I would give them my butt. They don't want my butt."

Central Intelligence follows the plight of CIA Agent Bob Stone, who was an overweight, picked-upon nerd in high school, but has spent the past twenty years working out every single day. Now he must call on a former classmate and his only friend to help him save a U.S. satellite system from falling into enemy hands. Interestingly enough, while Hart doesn't show his backside in this comedy, he did have to have a 'butt stand-in' recently. Though, they couldn't find the right fit do to his unusually small size. He explains.

"[They used a] white butt. I didn't [think] people would be able to tell the difference. It was a quick breeze-by. It was hard to find a guy my size to butt double me so we ordered a white butt double. We had to tech it down so it comes off burgundy."

We're not sure if Hart is joking or not. But when Central Intelligence comes to theaters on June 17, we're sure to get an eyeful of The Rock's big boulder. And, along with Judd Apatow's dangling ding-dong in Popstar, that aught to be enough male nudity to tide us over until the fall.