While we've heard a little bit about Bob already, Dwayne Johnson has shared on Instagram an awesome new photo of his Central Intelligence character. This comes along with an insightful description that fully explains the CIA agent's motivation. We also get a second look at Bob, sharing his true love of Unicorns, seen alongside co-star Kevin Hart.

Central Intelligence follows the exploits of Bob, one of the CIA's deadliest secret weapons. Way back in high school, Bob was what one might consider a Nerd. And he has since made up for that with a rock hard body and abs that literally kill. Bob reunites with an account played by Kevin Hart, who used to be the most popular guy in his high school. But those days are way behind him. As their high school reunion looms on the horizon, Bob pulls his former classmate into a secret mission to stop the selling of classified military secrets.

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Rawson Marshall Thurber is directed, reteaming with his We're the Millers co-star Ed Helms, who both produces and appears in Central Intelligence. The action comedy also stars Amy Ryan, Aaron Paul and Bobby Brown. Take a look at Dwayne Johnson, along with his description of the man known as Bob!

"This is Bob. He's one of the most lethal operatives the C.I.A's ever had. Marches by the beat of his own unique drum. Loves Public Enemy, can drink Jack Daniels by the gallon and has a real fondness for unicorns. And the most important thing.. Bob hates bullies. No seriously.. he f*cks them up. Too much fun playing this character. #OnSet #CentralIntelligence COMING MAY 2016. Fight the power..."
"When my partner in grind @kevinhart4real shows up on our #CentralIntelligence set and tells me it's his birthday, I respond in the most sweet, loving and unicorn t-shirt wearing way I know how... F*ck your birthday. #BrotherlyLove #HappyBirthdayRockstar #UnicornsAndMiddleFingers
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