For Halloween, General Mills will unite their iconic Cereal Monsters for the ultimate Saturday morning breakfast cereal. Monster Mash Cereal will arrive on store shelves this fall in a big way for the Monsters' 50th Anniversary. And it will be the ultimate mashup of all the spooky cereals in one big spoonful of fun. The berry flavored frosted cereal will include marshamellows from Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and even Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.

General Mills teased their new Monster Mash cereal over the weekend. Shortly thereafter, Cerealously were able to get their hands on the official image, which you can check out in their tweet below. All five monsters are present on the box art, and it looks like a delicious way to spend a Saturday morning in front of the TV set.

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Waking up early on a Saturday? Sounds great! Childhoods born of a bygone era were enriched by the unrivaled allure of Saturday morning cartoon marathons. Whether you loved the Jetsons or Inspector Gadget, Care Bears or G.I. Joe, kicking off a weekend basked in the warm glow of a boxy, tube television was a tried and true institution. Unfortunately, in the on-demand era, there is sadly no analog for this juvenile appointment television. Today, many adults long for those cherished days of Saturday morning memories. And while an imminent comeback of Hanna Barbera is not likely, there is one aspect of the experience that remains as relevant as ever. Kids of all ages still love a giant bowl of sugary sweet cereal!

For many, the mascots of our favorite breakfast cereal brands are deeply ingrained on our psyches. It was not uncommon to mindlessly consume countless bowls of the high carb amalgams that they represented, while our favored animations danced across the screen. As a consequence, many have the same nostalgia for cereal characters as their headlining on-screen cartoon companions. As evidence of their resilient popularity, consider that collectables giant, Funko, has an entire line of their infamous Pop! figures dedicated to the likes of Tony the Tiger, Lucky the Leprechaun, and Toucan Sam.

If you find yourself in the growing segment of adults comforted by such symbols of your youth, General Mills has some delightful news for you. Just in time for this year's Halloween, the popular breakfast mogul has plans to release a limited edition Monster Mash cereal.

The release is planned to celebrate 50 years of flagship brands Count Chocula and Franken Berry, each of which made their first appearance to consumers in 1971. The 'Count' has long been the front-man for the popular chocolate cereal, while 'Frank' represents the strawberry flavored offering. Both varieties have been relegated as seasonal options since 2010, hitting store shelves annually in late summer, typically in concert with Trick or Treat confections.

Though these two varieties have endured the test of time, several other products have been incorporated into the General Mills' 'monster' lineup over the years. Boo Berry, a blueberry ghost treat, was launched in 1973 and has maintained some contemporary relevance. Meanwhile, lesser known Fruit Brute, a cherry option, and Yummy Mummy, with flavor derivative of a creamsicle, seemed all but lost to the pages of breakfast history books.

However, fear not, cereal enthusiasts. For their planned rollout of Monster Mash, General Mills intends to market a composite of all five of these storied brands in a single box! From vanilla marshmallows to whole grain strawberry ghosts, the limited edition treat is sure to be packed with equal parts flavor and nostalgia.

While the distribution plans remain unclear, based on the marketing, it would seem that a fairly widespread rollout is planned for this special edition product. With any luck, there will be ample supply of this delight, sure to make you wistful for days gone by. My advice: fill up your favorite bowl, grab a seat on the couch, and proudly proclaim "Alexa, show me classic cartoons!". What comes next will be time travel at a discount price. Just sit back and enjoy! This news was first teased by General Mills over the weekend.