An upcoming comic from Marvel will directly deal with the topic of school shootings. Champions #24, which hits stands next month, will address gun violence through the lens of some of their young team of superheroes, which features characters such as Miles Morales, the other Spider-Man in their universe that initially took up the mantle for Peter Parker. Here's the logline for the upcoming issue.

"The Champions grapple with a foe that all the super-powers in the world cannot vanquish!"
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The issue comes from the creative team made up of writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse. A newly revealed cover for the comic showcases Miles Morales posted up on a wall of various Marvel heroes. Some text plastered on the right side of the cover reads, rather cryptically, "You never think it will happen to you!" This replaces a previous cover for the issue from R.B. Silva', which features the group of heroes charging at a group of armored men firing machine guns. Zub had this to say about the book.

"Earlier this year, I started talking to [Marvel executive editor] Tom Brevoort about writing a Champions issue on the effect of gun violence in schools. Marvel has always strived to deliver 'the world outside our window' and this was too big a topic to ignore. Centered on Miles Morales, the story is about a tragedy and the trauma that ripples outward from senseless violence, and the people that come together to support each other to build a better future, which is the heart of every Champions story. I'm incredibly proud of everyone's work on this issue, and I'm thankful we were given the chance to tell this story."

Over the years, Marvel Comics haven't been shy about handling delicate and prevalent real-life subjects in the pages of their various titles. The publisher famously sent Spider-Man to ground zero after the events of September 11 in The Amazing Spider-Man #477. The topic of school shootings is about as sensitive as it gets, as there have already been more than 20 such occurrences in the U.S. in 2018 where someone was injured or killed. The rise in school shootings has left many calling for gun control, while others feel there are other ways to address the problem. These incidents also fed into the larger debate in regards to the Second Amendment, which grants U.S. citizens the right to bear arms.

The current Champions comic debuted in October 2016 and came in the wake of Civil War II. Heroes Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Viv Vision and the Amadeus Cho version of Hulk set out on their own to form the team. An advance copy of the upcoming issue has already been sent to retailers, who have been asked not to leak it to their readers. Champions #24 will be available through digital retailers and in stores on September 12. This news comes to us courtesy of Newsarama. You can check out the issue's cover for yourself below.

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