We've got some all-new features for you to sink your teeth into!

Changeable Usernames

First up is a long-requested feature by many users: The ability to change your username (and your profile url)

Just access the profile editor and edit your username until you find one that's available and suits your style. Hit "Save" and your new username goes into effect.

It's as easy as that!


Change your MovieWeb username


Probably the most excited we've been about a new feature in long time, we're proud to bring you @Mentions.

@Mentions is a Twitter style feature that allows you use other people's usernames in comments you post throughout the site.

New @mentions feature on MovieWeb

Here's how they work:

  • Mention your friends in the comments you post anywhere on the site by using their username. We've added a new feature to all comments where easily click anyone's username in a comment and it'll be auto-filled into your comment box.
  • {@IMG:fOjmkC4EnuLd54kwn1dLPUnLuYBWnq|New @username mention [email protected]}
  • - A notification badge in the navigation bar will tell you that you have new @Mentions to check out.
  • - When you click through, you'll land on a page that shows all the places around MovieWeb you've been mentioned in recent conversations. Click-through to those conversations, and @mention your friends back!

Connect with Your Social Website Friends

If you've connected your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your MovieWeb account (via the profile editor), you will start to get notifications any time one of your Facebook or Twitter friends joins MovieWeb! Once you get the notification, be sure to add those friends as friends on MovieWeb as well so that you can share content, post on each other's profile walls, and much more.

Connect with your social website friends on MovieWeb

Hope you enjoy these new features. Please let us know what you think!