Macaulay Culkin has dusted off his bunny ears for Seth Green's upcoming Changeland. The actor is making a rare big screen appearance to support his old friend's directorial debut and seems to be promoting his Bunny Ears productions at the same time. In addition to directing the movie, Green also stars alongside Breckin Meyer, as their two characters travel to Thailand to get some perspective. Culkin's character is there and is living his life the way he wants to, which seems very appealing, and much like the actor's real life.

Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin previously starred in Party Monster together, but this is a completely different story. Changeland is about a man who discovers that his wife has been cheating on him on his first wedding anniversary. It's at this time he decides to take a planned vacation with his best, though estranged, friend played by Breckin Meyer. The two men travel to Thailand on an adventure of self-discovery, which also introduces them to characters played by WWE star Randy Orton, who promises a pretty epic time, and Culkin, who seems to have it all figured out.

Rachel Bloom also stars as the cheating ex-wife of Seth Green in Changeland, while Brenda Song plays Green's love interest. Song is also Macaulay Culkin's current girlfriend. The trailer makes the movie look pretty dark with some humorous elements thrown in. The subject matter doesn't really leave a whole lot of room for comedy and the scenes shown off feature a lot of Green and Breckin Myers' characters as they try and figure their lives out. As one comment on the trailer notes, it "looks like Forgetting Sarah Marshall without the fun."

Changeland is only Macaulay Culkin's fourth role on the big screen in fifteen years. He popped up in 2007's Sex and Breakfast, 2011's The Wrong Ferrari, and 2015's Adam Green's Aladdin. The Home Alone star has recently gotten into more of the spotlight as of late, embracing his childhood acting in Google Home commercials and appearing in YouTube videos talking about the movie and its many sequels while drinking alcohol. He even sat in on a video to play and review the Home Alone video game adaptions.

Macaulay Culkin has been concentrating on his Bunny Ears brand over the last few years and even getting into amateur wrestling matches. In other words, he seems to be having a great time at this point in his life, much like his character appears to be doing in Changeland. With that being said, the movie opens in theaters on June 7th in the United States in select theaters. With Culkin on board with Seth Green, there should be some considerable interest in the movie when it opens in a few weeks. You can watch the trailer for Changeland below, thanks to the Movie Trailers Source YouTube channel.

changeland poster