You can take home Angelina Jolie in her critically-acclaimed performance on DVD and Blu-ray this February. Changeling will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 17. The standard disc will be priced at $29.98 SRP while the Blu-ray will be priced at $39.98 SRP. The film stars Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich and Jeffrey Donovan.

Los Angeles, 1928: On a Saturday morning in a working-class suburb, Christine said goodbye to her son, Walter, and left for work. When she came home, she discovered he had vanished. A fruitless search ensues, and months later, a boy claiming to be the nine-year-old is returned. Dazed by the swirl of cops, reporters and her conflicted emotions, Christine allows him to stay overnight. But in her heart, she knows he is not Walter. As she pushes authorities to keep looking, she learns that in Prohibition-era L.A.,

women don't challenge the system and live to tell their story. Slandered as delusional and unfit, Christine finds an ally in activist Reverend Briegleb (Malkovich), who helps her fight the city to look for her missing boy. Based on the actual incident that rocked California's legal system, Changeling tells the shocking tale of a mother's quest to find her son, and those who won't stop until they silence her.

Special Features:

- Partners in Crime: Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie: A unique look at the

making of the film that gives insight on the script's genesis, Clint Eastwood's effective approach at directing and the detailed production design.

- The Common Thread: Angelina Jolie Becomes Christine Collins: A profile of

Angelina Jolie and the real-life inspiration for her character, Christine Collins.

- BD-Live: Access the BD-Live Center through your internet-connected player and view the latest trailers, share your favorite scenes with your buddies and more! (Blu-ray only)

- U-Control: Universal's exclusive signature feature U-Control allows viewers to delve into the making of the film with the click of the remote without ever leaving the movie. (Blu-ray only)

- Los Angeles: Then and Now: Accessible at specific moments, viewers can explore the visual history of Los Angeles - comparing the LA of Changeling to the very different LA of today.

- Archives: View archival images and documents of the real individuals and story portrayed in the film.