It seems a young new action star is stepping into the comedy world for his next film project. MTV Movies Blog recently caught up to actor Channing Tatum, who revealed that he is, "going to shoot a Ron Howard comedy," and while he didn't reveal the title, the film is surely Cheaters. Meanwhile, in a chat interview over at ESPN, Queen Latifah announced she has also joined the project.

Tatum also revealed that Howard and Vince Vaughn were producing the film and he also said that he, "just came on kind of late" to the project.

"I haven't done comedy, really. I did it really young in She's the Man, but I wasn't really doing the comedy. Amanda Bynes was doing the heavy lifting on that. And I'm hoping Vince Vaughn does the heavy lifting on this one. I'm honored to get to work with the guy."

While Tatum wouldn't reveal more on his character in the film, which centers on a man who learns that his friend's wife is cheating and struggles whether or not to tell his friend, but it seems that Tatum will be alongside Vaughn for most of the film.

"Most of my scenes are with Vince," he admitted. "I don't know if I want to [say anything else]. I might want it to be a surprise. [My character is] definitely going to be crazy, that's for sure."