Things are not well, it would seem, with Chaos Walking. This movie, positioned as a possible franchise starter aimed at the young adult crowd, has been in the works for a long time and actually initially began filming in 2017, under the direction of Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), with current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, known best as Rey in the current Star Wars trilogy, toplining the cast. That feels like a recipe for success. However, the movie is undergoing reshoots in order to try and salvage the situation, as the first cut was deemed "unreleasable" by the studio.

Just to set things up a bit, Chaos Walking, which is based on the book The Knife of Never Letting Go, takes place in a dystopian future where everyone can hear each other's thoughts, and no women are supposed to exist. Todd, a boy who lives in a town comprised only of men, just a month before he's meant to become a man, makes a discovery that forces him to flee with only his loyal dog. This leads them to discover a silent girl named Viola, who cannot have her thoughts read.

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Now to the meat of it. According to a new report, the production has already set back Lionsgate $100 million and they're now in the middle of significant reshoots, which Tom Holland has been documenting on social media. This is because executives at the studio who screened the first cut thought it "turned out so poorly it was deemed unreleasable." That's the worst case scenario for any movie, but especially one that needs to make a ton of money at the box office just to break even. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer was quoted as saying this about it.

"We wouldn't be shooting more if we didn't think we could make this movie work."

That's not the most encouraging quote. Reportedly, the movie will get three full weeks of reshoots. That's enough time to shoot an entire movie with a smaller budget. These reshoots will reportedly set the studio back millions. Chaos Walking was originally set to be released in March, but the studio pushed that back to 2020 in order to accommodate these reshoots.

This also isn't the first time one of Doug Liman's productions has gotten a little rocky. Things were pretty rough on The Bourne Identity, which is why he didn't return to direct any of the sequels. Mr & Mrs. Smith, one of his early efforts, is also said to have had its issues during filming. Edge of Tomorrow also had some troubles, with writers trying to figure out how to save the movie during production. Ultimately, in each case, things have worked out in the end, and that's the key. Can Liman save a troubled production once more? For now, Chaos Walking remains without a new release date, all we know for sure is that it's currently set to arrive sometime next year. This news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.