Warner Bros. have officially launched seperate websites for the characters of the upcoming Tim Burton directed remake of Charie and the Chocolate Factory! Users can download each kid’s kit from their respective website, complete with stencils, stickers, flyers and more. If you think they can do better, you can download the .EPS file and make your own Chocolate Factory stuff!

Tag your locker, your car or yourself - and send us a picture. Show your allegiance. May the best kid win.


Veruca wants you to join her team NOOOOOOOOOW! Even Violet has a team, and Veruca must have one too. Only this one will be prettier. And smell nicer. And have golden bells and whistles for everyone and all the other teams will want to be on Veruca's team because she is the BEST! Her daddy said that she would have the best team and he's wiling to pay dearly... {@IMG:klb95qEQOElanI8oGUxXpMaSFovNEd|Movie [email protected]}violetreaction.com Remember, there's no "I" in "team," but there's one in "Violet! {@IMG:e04v5DzPKeuLoZumJnX0XL8hvfctTe|Movie [email protected]}iwantmymiketeavee.com Those other freaks are stupid if they think they're going to beat Mike Teavee's numbers. Get out there and show them who rules and who totally stinks. {@IMG:ex6bAYVg4y3J7FF0avJXJSBhAN8jJ6|Movie [email protected]}gloopwantsyou.com Spread the delicious name of Gloop! The other teams are tasteless and bland. Enjoy the scrumptious taste of Victory! {@IMG:YLE0AdbOshzFL729kO2me9NDPSb9Zv|Movie [email protected]}oompainvasion.com The other teams don't know their snozzwanger from their whangdoodle.{@IMG:E2MuRrQ2Oyadf5LcuxmndLT1q6rpF4|Movie [email protected]}