FX pretty boy and star of that channel's Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam will now be paired with FX's other breakout star Charlie Day, of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Horrible Bosses fame. The comedic actor is in talks to join in Guillermo del Toro's giant monster invasion thriller Pacific Rim.

The movie revolves around humanity's fight against an alien intrusion that threatens to devour the planet. Charlie Day is currently negotiating the role of a professor, but no further details have been revealed about this particular character at this time. Travis Beacham wrote the screenplay, which Legendary Pictures will produce.

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We were on the set of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Season 7 this past Tuesday, where Charlie Day played coy amongst his other cast mates about even knowing who his FX network co-worker actually is.

Here is what Charlie Day had to say about Charlie Hunnam.

"I've never seen Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam? Has he done anything? I've seen Green Street Hooligans. I love that movie...(But) I think if I walked into a bar in Rhode Island with him, no one would know who he is. I haven't seen Charlie Hunnam do very much."