Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer have been co-starring in the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men since it debuted in 2003. The show has been nominated for several Emmy awards including one for Sheen as best actor in a comedy series. The results will be revealed when the awards show airs on September 16.

Jon Cryer was one of the announcers of the Emmy nominations this year and recalls, "It was exciting. I actually had the benefit of being the first person to know about it because during rehearsals, I saw (Charlie's) name come up and then the name of the show come up. I was obviously very, very excited at that moment and wanted to call people, but I was legally not allowed to before the actual broadcast. Obviously it's, an amazing honor for the show."

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Sheen was nominated last year but did not walk away with the trophy. He says about the moment the envelope is being opened, "Well, that's like the worst moment that anybody can really be forced to experience, even though it's a tremendous celebration and a great honor to be invited to the party, but it is in that exact moment when you feel as vulnerable you could possibly feel, because you're about as powerless over a decision that will have a tremendous effect - good or bad - in its outcome." He harks back to the moment last year when the winner's name was read. "It's a little disappointing. When you first hear the name (of the other person) and you think 'well they mispronounced mine' they just said it differently. Then you realize no." He thinks for a moment. "The thing I don't like about it is it sort of forces an air of competition, into what is supposed to be otherwise just artistic creative endeavors."

Cryer enjoys the attention the show has garnered but sees it in a different light. "It's funny. For actors and for writers, you invest so much of your personality and you think that whenever somebody finds it lacking for whatever reason, you tend to go 'Oh' in a way that even when they say 'You're the greatest thing ever,' it just bounces off your forehead. I have been really happy with the way the show is received in every respect and I don't read too much into what people's perception of the reaction is."

Charlie Sheen has had his share of the spotlight in his career, and not everything has been favorable. He's known as a wild and crazy guy, and has had several run-ins with the law and the paparazzi because of his womanizing and substance abuse. To say he has been the fodder of the late night comics is putting it mildly. "There are several people recently at least in the last year that have snatched that torch from me," he says with a big grin. "I just stay home and let it happen basically, but I feel for them." With a slight chuckle, he says, "I mean, it's not that complicated to hire a car or just to carry some extra cab fare at some point. As far as that, it's sort of double-edged because you are honored that you made the opening monologue, somebody that matters. But if the joke is really smart that's about you, it softens the blow." Sheen adds, "I don't lead that life anymore, so they have backed off." The twice-divorced actor is currently engaged and other than his acting role, he has been out of the spotlight and the tabloids.

The two co-stars admit they don't spend any off-set together because they are together much of the time at the studio. "We don't do anything together," explains Sheen. "We spend so much time stuck here (at the studio) together that to plan something away from here would be sort of redundant." But on screen they share a great chemistry which transfers to their off-screen relationship on the lot. Just watching the interplay between them it is evident they admire each other and enjoy their rapport.

The fifth season of Two and a Half Men premiers on CBS Monday September 24 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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