Love him or hate him, Charlie Sheen is the biggest celebrity of 2011 thus far. And he may be taking this newfound notoriety and a talent for turning out catch phrases at the drop of a hat to cable.

Though Charlie Sheen has a current contract with CBS that forbids him from appearing in another scripted series, that isn't stopping the actor from attempting to enter the world of reality television. The Two and a Half Men star is currently in talks with Mark Cuban's HDNet to produce a talk show for the non-scripted network.

Mark Cuban confirmed that this news is true, unlike the HBO talk show called Sheen's Corner that Charlie Sheen was purportedly working on. Cuban has gone on the record stating that it will be "a great show."

We will be sure to update you as more on this story immerges.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange