Charlie Sheen is confirmed for an exclusive one-on-one interview this Tuesday on Today. And it's highly expected that he will confirm the recent rumors that he is HIV positive. The actor will be sitting down with Today co-host Matt Lauer. And it is confirmed that he will be making a live announcement. Rumors persist that Sheen's health is declining. And according to TMZ, he will reveal whether or not he has AIDS.

While the official Today Show Twitter has confirmed that Charlie Sheen is gearing up for a sit-down interview, NBC declined to comment on what the interview will revolve around. The press release would only say that he was about to make a 'revealing personal announcement'. A tabloid report broke earlier today that Charlie Sheen has been HIV positive for years, and has been keeping the diagnosis a secret.

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Charlie Sheen has kept himself out of the spotlight this past year. He has not made any public appearances since his hit FX comedy series Anger Management went off the air in 2014. He was last seen in an episode of The Goldbergs this past February, when he reprised his Ferris Bueller's Day Off role.

The National Inquirer was the first to report that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. And they claim that he has had sex with multiple partners since learning of his diagnosis. Further more, he never informed his partners of his health, and possibly passed on his deadly HIV infection. That has not been confirmed or proven at this time, but it is believed that Charlie Sheen will acknowledge these allegations tomorrow. One of the woman who was allegedly exposed has since settled a civil action suite against the actor after hiring famed attorney Gloria Allred as her lawyer.

Charlie Sheen, who has been married to three different woman and has five children, was set to be married yet against this past October to adult film star Scottine Ross, also known as Brett Rossi. The engagement was called off after 8 months. In a video obtained by The National Inquirer, Ross is seen screaming at Charlie Sheen, 'You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!' The claim is that the actor waited over 4 months before telling his fiancé that he was infected. It is also stated that Sheen never used protection when engaging in intercourse. The actor's third wife, Brooke Mueller, revealed in a text message to Sheen's former assistant that she was exposed to the virus. And it is further stated that the woman, who is now remarried, is living off money Charlie Sheen paid her to keep quiet.

Thus far, it is reported that Charlie Sheen has paid more the $5 million to keep his HIV diagnosis a secret. But it has now become an open fact in Hollywood. At this time, no one working for, or close to the actor, have confirmed any of this is true. And it should all be taken as a rumor. The site The Dirty had printed the actor's HIV status, causing Charlie Sheen to file a lawsuit. But he later dropped the charges. The National Inquirer claims that he is on a cocktail of drugs to treat the HIV, and his outlook is positive. More will come to light tomorrow during Charlie Sheen's Today interview.

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