The latest Charlie's Angels TV spot and first clip tease some explosive action. Elizabeth Banks is behind the camera for the reboot and it looks like she took some time to do something fresh with the franchise. The first clip for the upcoming movie was unveiled during an interview with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. The clip features the women in hot pursuit while Stewart is dressed like a jockey.

The Charlie's Angels international TV spot features some new footage and mostly concentrates on Naomi Scott's Elena Houghlin as she joins the elite team. Most of the footage is made up from previous trailers and spots, though it's put together in a new way. Elizabeth Banks was recently asked why she decided to take on the project. She had this to say.

"As a filmmaker I wanted to tell a story about women working together and expand upon the idea of sisterhood and sorority that was meaningful to me when I was making Pitch Perfect 2. I'm not old enough to have watched the first run of the television show, but my two sisters and I did watch reruns. The three of us getting to pretend we were Charlie's Angels was so inspirational. It's a show about women doing a job that very few women had ever done before, which was detective work, whether on television or in real life. They were running around with guns, they were going undercover, they were getting to do something different every day and fighting bad guys. I mean, don't we all want to do that?"

While the cast of Charlie's Angels are good pals now, it didn't start off that way, or so Kristen Stewart thought. Stewart admits that she was really nervous about meeting her co-stars and decided to peak out her trailer window a few times before going out to introduce herself. "I did this thing that I was really embarrassed about," she said, referencing a gesture she made with her hand on Naomi Scott's chin. However, Scott thought it was "cute."

Naomi Scott almost wasn't a part of the Charlie's Angels cast. Elizabeth Banks says, "(Naomi) was in Power Rangers with me... She actually almost wasn't in the movie because she's also Jasmine in Aladdin." It appears that Scott's schedule with the Disney remake was pretty hectic, but in the end, she was able to make it work. Banks says they pushed the movie back a bit, which is what allowed Scott to come on board.

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Charlie's Angels hits theaters on November 15th. Elizabeth Banks has nothing but great things to say about her young cast, who have become like a little family unit now, thanks to the production. Banks calls Ella Balinska a "ninja" when talking about how she can basically do anything. Kristen Stewart is the "epitome of the modern American woman," according to Banks. You can check out the full interview below, along with the clip and TV spot, thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel. The clip begins at the 4:42 mark.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick