Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: The new animated adventures of Charlie's lovely Angels have launched a second episode!

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In addition, the announcement was made today about the official Charlie's Angels video game coming this June.

Sony Pictures Digital Networks announced today that it will offer gamers the chance to live the adventures of a Charlie’s Angel on their home PC, in a new online game titled Charlie’s Angels: Angel X. The game will launch in June to tie in to the debut of the feature film “Charlie’s Angels®: Full Throttle” which hits theaters on June 27. To develop the game, Sony Pictures Digital Networks has enlisted notable game developer 7 Studios, founded by veterans of the “Command and Conquer” series and known for its recent projects "Legion: The Legend of Excalibur" and "Defender” for Midway Home Entertainment.

“Charlie’s Angels: Angel X allows gamers and fans of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ film franchise to experience the action and thrills of the movie through a network delivered game,” said Tim Chambers, senior vice president, Sony Pictures Digital Network’s Advanced Platforms Group. ”Our collaboration with 7 Studios enables us to leverage the expertise of a console game developer to deliver innovative, high-quality interactive entertainment to consumers.”

Charlie's Angels: Angel X is an action/adventure title that casts players as a new force of explosive energy, a precision-tooled fighting machine known as “Angel X” - the newest recruit to the Townsend Detective Agency. Inspired by the motion picture “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, gamers are charged with the mission of catching the Thin Man before his army of assassins destroys his secret lair. Gameplay will take players through five adrenaline-pumping levels including an auto scrap yard, Hollywood, a dojo, the high-tech Nick Xero Corporation and the Thin Man’s Mansion. Utilizing their martial arts skills, players must pack some serious power as they encounter murderous thugs, junkyard dogs, shot-gun toting security guards and a plethora of other foes as they progress through various levels. Players who accomplish their mission will become a full-fledged “Angel.”

The Charlie's Angels: Angel X game utilizes a 7 Studios-developed game engine that was originally designed for console development, but has been leveraged specifically for network-delivered game play. The game offers players rich environments with detailed textures and special effects as well as compelling audio and music soundtrack.

While the game will run on most PCs, the game engine is designed to take advantage of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows the PC’s processor to perform multiple complex tasks at the same time with greater responsiveness. Consumers that play Charlie’s Angels: Angel X on a PC enabled with the HT Technology will experience a more realistic playing environment. The engine also has built-in support for the latest effects from the most recent PC graphics cards.

Sony Pictures Digital Networks introduced its first movie-related, network-delivered game in May 2002 with the launch of Men In Black II: Crossfire. Internet-delivered games offer consumers much more than a casual online experience at a lower price than conventional console or PC games, and are published in conjunction with the theatrical debut of upcoming blockbuster films. The games have a free trial component, but also offer consumers the opportunity to unlock the full game for a fee.

Charlie’s Angels: Angel X will be available in June from the film's official website.