Charlie's Angels Full Throttle: No records were broken this weekend when Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle scored the top spot at the box-office this weekend. But it did score an unfortunate first among this summer's sequels. Full Throttle was the first sequel this summer (excluding the Dumb and Dumberer prequel) that failed to gross more in its opening weekend than its predecessor. "Full Throttle's" estimated gross of $38 million is just short of 2000's Charlie's Angels opening weekend gross of $40.1 million. But the Angels did fare well, scoring a solid $10,985 per theater, opening in 3,459 theaters. The Hulk came in a distant second, proving its staying power at the theater is as short as his temper.

The green meanie grossed an estimated $18.4 million, down a whopping 70% from its $62.1 million opening gross. Coming in third was Finding Nemo with $13.8 million. The Disney/Pixar animated flick dipped only 34% and is closing in fast on The Matrix Reloaded in the race for the highest grossing movie of the year. "Nemo's" total gross is now at $253.9 million, just behind "Reloaded's" $268.9 million. "Reloaded" finished the weekend just out of the top 10, coming in 11th place with an estimated gross of $2.5 million. The weekend's only other new release, "28 Days Later" opened to rave reviews and modest success at the box-office, coming in fourth place with an estimated $9.7 million. The British horror flick opened in a paltry 1,260 theaters, but scored an impressive $7,722 average per theater. And in news far from the top 10, From Justin to Kelly dropped a "Hulk"-like 77 percent finishing in 15th place.

The "American Idol" movie grossed an estimated $600,000 in its second weekend. It scored a dismal $304 per theater average and was outgrossed by the indie "Whale Rider" which grossed an estimated $1 million, although it only appeared in 163 theaters, 1,806 theaters less than what "From Justin to Kelly" appeared in. At this rate, From Justin to Kelly looks like it will be to 2003 what The Adventures of Pluto Nash was to 2002: the box-office bomb of the year.

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