The Good

Sony always does well by their TV on DVD releases.

The Bad

No extras.Charlie's Angels: The Complete Fourth season gives viewers yet another look at the hottest crime fighters to ever grace the television airwaves. The main angels in this new installment are Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and Shelly Hack. However, making this season all the more special (especially in light of recent events) is that the late Farrah Fawcett has come back for three special episodes. This season we get to see the girls deal with cases of domestic abuse, people they put away coming back for revenge, estate robbers, con-artists and all other manner of criminal.

While Charlie's Angels h hot girls toting guns, solving crimes, and doing whatever else, it wouldn't have held up so long if didn't have some substance to keep viewers riveted.


No extras came with this release.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. Sony usually does a decent job with their TV on DVD titles. I find that the picture often gets a crisp, cleaned up treatment that makes the show look like it came out 10 years ago instead of almost 30! I didn't notice any problems with any of the images, and there was no point where it seemed like the picture was sludgy in any way.


Dolby Digital - English. Close Captioned. The audio on this release was good. I had to turn the volume about half way up, and once I did that things remained there as I perused the audio and video quality of the other discs. There isn't anything that amazing about the audio, but considering how old these releases are that is definitely saying something.


This slipcase features a catwalk like cover with many lights and our three main characters standing front and center. There is also a little star like image towards the bottom of the late Farrah Fawcett. The back features more images of our stars (nine to be exact), a description of what this show is about and what it contains, and technical specs. All 6 discs are stored in three slim cases with more artwork, as well as episode listings and descriptions.

Final Word

If you want another reason to buy this release you will be heartened to know that Kim Cattrall, Timothy Dalton, Sally Kirkland and a host of other stars (and characters from other Aaron Spelling shows) show their faces on this release. What I find the most interesting about this show is how much my attention was held by what the characters were doing on screen. Sure things are pretty flat in the areas of subtext, but all in all I think that this show always maintained its glitter and style.