The Good

The lush visual style of this movie translates very well to the PSP format. It is very well compressed.

The Bad

I know this film made a lot of money but it really is garbage.

Charlie's Angels is one of those films I saw in the theater and then got angry when people told me they were going to see it later. "Why would they waste their time?" I thought. I know I am supposed to find Drew, Cameron and Lucy to be funny, and that at the end of the day this is a very lighthearted movie, but please, does it need to be this awful? Does it need to be set in the present day yet use all the cliché, obnoxious, 1970s songs? Watching this film I felt like how I imagine I would feel if I was seeing The Gap Band.

Watching it on the PSP was a painful experience, not because the movie looked bad, but because after I watched this film in the theater I was hoping I would never have to see it again. Sadly, I was wrong.


No extras came with this UMD.


Widescreen. There are no bars on the screen and while I might not really like this movie, I can at least appreciate the lush, visual look of this film. McG (what kind of name is that for an adult?) really knows how to hold his viewer's attention. This comes in handy because other than the action and a completely unfeasible plot, this movie really has nothing else to hang it's proverbial hat on. That said, in the PSP format this film stands out in way that it didn't in the theater, so at least I feel like I learned something.


2.0 Dolby Surround. This is probably good, I just hate the music. The impression that movies like Charlie's Angels give me is that everybody likes this music, everyone likes the acting and there is no thought given to the idea that some of the viewers might be repulsed by what they are seeing. To make matters worse, a film like this makes me really question the acting choices of someone like Luke Wilson. Sorry folks, I am just not going along here.


Cameron, Drew and Lucy Liu stand posed like supermodels all dressed in black. Behind them is the orange glow that the original logo had from the TV show. The back of this cover features shots from the movie, a description of this film and some technical specs. This is one of the few times in my DVD/UMD experiences that the cover is actually more appealing than the movie.

Final Word

Okay, this isn't really about the film, per se, but I remember hearing something about Lucy Liu dressing down Bill Murray on set, or something of that nature. Essentially, these two didn't get along. First of all, Lucy Liu couldn't make Bill Murray's breakfast, let alone any comments that could dress down an actor of his caliber. Secondly, if this know it all bothered to learn anything about her craft, she would understand that instead of fighting with Mr. Murray, she should have been fawning over him.

Okay, I have said my piece. I feel much better now about Charlie's Angels. Sort of, anyway.

Charlie's Angels was released November 2, 2000.