Actress Charlotte Kirk (Non-Stop) has signed on to play Nicole Brown Simpson in the biopic An American Mystery.

This thriller budgeted at $65 million will take a "fair and balanced" look at the wife of O.J. Simpson and her untimely death in 1994. The story will follow her life starting when she first met the NFL star at the age of 18 all the way up until her infamous 1994 murder, which her husband O.J. Simpson was acquitted for.

Joshua Newton (Iron Cross) is directing from his own script, which reportedly includes "startling new evidence" the filmmaker discovered and introduces a number of other suspects who had motive and opportunity to commit the heinous crime. Here's what the writer-director had to say about the film, adding that he turned down a request from O.J. Simpson himself to be involved with the project.

"An American Mystery has the capacity to challenge entrenched attitudes on a topic that has inspired visceral reactions for almost a generation. While we are creating an artistic work, the essence of the film is the search for truth. It was easy to determine that O.J.'s participation is not consistent with our standards. Our goal is to lay bare the facts and have the audience reach their own conclusions."

Former NBA star Bo Kimble and former U.S. Representative Diane Watson are serving as producers, and it is said that several other prominent figures are lending their support to the project. It isn't known when production will begin, but the movie may be ready in time for a 2014 release, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson's death.