The Office star John Krasinski and The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin are teaming up on the new HBO mini-series Chateau Marmont.

Aaron Sorkin will write the script based on the book Life at the Marmont, written by former Chateau Marmont owner Raymond R. Sarlot. The Chateau Marmont hotel is one of Hollywood's oldest and most prestigious landmarks dating back to the 1920s. John Krasinski, who will star in and produce the mini-series, lives close to the hotel, and holds many of his meetings there. The project came about when, after waiting in the valet line for over a half hour, John Krasinski wondered if there was ever a project about the hotel, and discovered there wasn't. Here's what he had to say about Aaron Sorkin coming on board.

"I don't think there is a better writer than Aaron Sorkin. The fact that he would do this project with me, is one of the highest compliments of my career."

It is believed this mini-series will run eight hours in length, although the run time has not been set in stone yet. Chateau Marmont will be an expansive endeavor, charting the entire history of the famed landmark from its inception to present day. No production schedule has been set yet for the mini-series.