Fans have been asking for easier-to-use Forums here at Movieweb, and we've listen to all of your feedback. Starting today, you can sign on and begin using these state of the art forums, which have been redesigned with you in mind. We've culled all of our resources and taken all of your concerns into consideration, and now we offer a friendly and inviting social network where you can begin or join any on-going conversation as it relates to your favorite film or television show.

It's easy to get started. If you haven't yet, sign in or get your own personal profile page, which will give you access to everything here at the site. Simply hit the "My" button at the top of the home page, and it will direct you to your login or ask you to set up a new account. Once you've set up your profile page, all you have to do is go to the "Users" drop down menu, and "Forums" is your very first option. By clicking this button, you will be directed to our new forums menu, which has been conveniently divided into different categories for easy access.

At the top of the Forums, you will find all of the latest up to the minute posts as provided by your peers here at Movieweb. This is conveniently broken up into Movie Forums, TV Show Forums, and Celebrity Forums. Below these links, you will find a more detailed account of what each forum entails. If you are in a hurry to find out the latest news or ideas from your friends on any given topic, you can go to the "Jump To" option at the top of the page, which gives you a dropdown menu listing of all the topics currently being discussed.

How do you begin a thread, conversation, or post a topic? It's easy. All of our TV shows, movies, and celebrities are directly synced up with our new forums. If you go to our search engine and type in a project title or celebrity name, you will find that particular topic's profile page. Go to that page and you will see an options menu to the left. At the very bottom is a link to Forums. Click that and you will be taken to a page that contains all of the Forum threads for that particular show, film, or actor. As well, there is an orange box at the top of the page that says "Create New Topic". Click on that icon, and you will be taken to a new page, where you can start your very own conversation of choice. You can also begin Forum threads by heading to the "FORUM" button under the users icon on top of the home page. When you head to the "Talk" section of the "Forums", go to your topic of choice, click in, and you will again see the orange box asking you to "Create a New Topic". Simply click it and go. You are all set!

If you have any questions, be sure to ask our support team by clicking that option in the "Forums" menu, and someone will get back to you very shortly. Thank you for checking out our new Users Forum, please enjoy, and remember to have fun!