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With Father's Day around the corner on June 17 we thought it was time to think about possible gifts for dear, old dad. The question is just what to get him? As all father's are different, they have their likes and dislikes, some are older while others are younger... what dad doesn't like DVDs? Also, the beauty of DVDs is that they contain something for everyone. Depending on your father's taste chances are you can find something for him on the following list we put together. Also, we have included HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles, just in case your pappy is one of those early adopters or they just happen to love new technology.

Movie PictureBreach{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}{@IMG:9zIdgngPLxzs2jlgkJBYzOjEdUMtJj|Movie [email protected]}The Dick Tracy Show: The Complete Animated Crime Series{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureThe Sergio Leone Anthology{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureTrading Places{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureSeinfeld: The Complete Eighth Season{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureBlood Diamond{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureThe Cosby Show: Season 4{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureSneakers{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureDeadwood: The Complete Third Season{/h4 RELATED: Movieweb's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Every father, in some part of their bones, enjoys a good western. It is true that many great ones were released this month and it's also true that those DVDs starred a gentlemen by the name of John Wayne. Now, with all due respect to those great movies,

Deadwood} is certainly worthy of at least being talked about on this list. Centering on Deadwood, South Dakota and looking at the very dark underbelly of this town, your father, depending on his age, will smile either recalling McCabe & Mrs. Miller or Unforgiven (hey, you could even add those films to this list). At the very least, when you give Deadwood: The Complete Third Season to your father he's gonna know you mean business. {@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureGhost Rider{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureThe Hustler{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureSilver Spoons: The Complete First Season{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureRio Bravo{@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}Movie PictureJohnny Carson: The King of Late Night

Now before you start getting upset and thinking that this list is for "older men," I am 33 years old and I still think Johnny was one of the greatest talk show hosts that TV had to offer. As most of the potential daddy's today are somewhat near that age (either much older or only a little bit younger), they have most likely heard about this performer who set the standard for what could be done on TV in the wee hours of the night. If you want to really make your father smile, if you want him to recall just how much he began to love having insomnia (worrying about you no doubt!), get him this set and witness his eyes light up. {@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureBruce Springsteen: Live in Dublin

Nobody brings it home like The Boss and who wouldn't love to see him sparkle on Blu-ray disc? Everybody doesn't like somebody but nobody doesn't like Bruce Springsteen. Hear such tunes as "Atlantic City," "Pay Me My Money Down" and a whole lot more on this packed Blu-ray release. Also, with the audio and visuals being at their level best, if your father was any closer to the music he would scare the band. This is the kind of release that even non-fans could pick up and still find themselves easily drawn under Springsteen and Co.'s spell. {@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureThe Manhattan Project

I know that this is an odd choice to close out this list with but since this movie came out when I was kid, I would say that it is a perfect way to welcome all new and recent fathers into the Father's Day world. This film has nothing to do with Father's Day, it is even less to do with being a father, but darn it you mention Christopher Collet (Sleepaway Camp, First Born) or John Lithgow (Footloose, Harry and the Hendersons) to anyone born in the 1970s, and if they're a dad, they will be beside themselves with glee in getting this release when the big day comes. {@IMG:Zdyh3sbIN9UVQV99pb9IKplQQf1xFt|Movie [email protected]}