Marvel Comics' Black Panther is coming to life in animated forms soon thanks to a partnership between BET and Marvel Comics, and the first trailer is available now. Thanks to Newsarama for making the video available.

The trailer doesn't show much of the Black Panther himself in action, but does give us the impression that the new cartoon will be very adult in tone. The artwork is nicely stylized, and should be awesome to see more of.

Check out the trailer below.

In the comics, the Black Panther is actually T'Challa, king of the African nation of Wakanda. The title of the Black Panther goes with the throne, and Wakandan kings are expected to be active defenders of their people. Since Wakanda is the only known source of the wonder-metal Vibranium, the small nation has a great deal of prominence, wealth and technological advancement, and the Black Panther has frequently been called on to serve his kingdom far outside the borders of the country. As a result, he has worked alongside both The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.