Fans of Batman were probably disappointed that there was no video game adaptation of The Dark Knight. In fact, the only Batman game to hit the shelves in 2008 was LEGO Batman, which while enjoyable to many, lacked the edge fans of the film were probably hoping for. Well, those fans can now take comfort in the trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum, presented by Gamespot, and showing off action from what could be the darkes Batman game to hit video game consoles yet!

To watch the trailer click on the player below.

Created by Eidos Interactive, and written by Paul Dini, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be based on no one particular version of Batman, drawing instead from the characters' long history. In the game, Batman must deal with the villains housed in Arkham escaping from their captivity and taking over the Asylum. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil will voice Batman and the Joker, roles they originally voiced in Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is scheduled for an August 2009 release, and will be available for Playstation3, XBOX 360 and Windows PCs.