Apparently trailers aren't just for movies and television any more, but for comics as well. Marvel Comics has released a motion-comics trailer for their Ultimatum crossover event, and thanks to the folks at UGO, you can check it out now.

Marvel's Ultimate imprint began in 2000 with the publication of Ultimate Spider-Man, written by Brian Michael Bendis. Since that time, the Ultimate universe has grown to encompass monthly titles such as Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four and The Ultimates, in addition to several mini-series including Ultimate Six, Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra, Ultimate Iron Man and crossover events like Ultimate Six, Ultimate War and Ultimate Origins. Details between Marvel's main universe (known to comic fans as the 616 universe) and the Ultimate universe are sometimes significantly different, with events in the Ultimate universe being more contemporary, such as featuring a Peter Parker who is 16 years old in the year 2008.

Marvel's films have drawn liberally from the Ultimate imprint, with many people seeing strong similarities between the original Spider-Man film and the Ultimate Spider-Man comic. Even more notably, in the Ultimate comic book line, Nick Fury was changed from a white man into a bald-headed black man who strongly resembles actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson then had a cameo appearance in Iron Man playing Nick Fury.

What role the events of Ultimatum may have on future Marvel films is unknown at this time, but if you're a fan of Marvel's comics, than Ultimatum probably deserves a place on your must-read list.