Let me start by saying I love kids games, especially when they teach them a lesson. Ok, that said, playing the Over the Hedge DVD video game, called Wacky Moments in Human History. It's based on the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film.

It's not the official video game from Activision (which, by the way, I will be having a feature on that game soon), but it's a really fun game for kids of all ages because it's very interactive and hands on. The game separates difficulty into three different levels; first is 'Cave-dweller' for kids 6-9, next is 'Suburbanite' for ages 10-13, and finally 'Enlightened One; for ages 14 and older.

Wacky Moments in Human History, from the B Equal company, is kind of like a children's board game on TV. The game features 'RJ' the raccoon (voiced by Bruce Willis in the film) in an adventure through the suburban town; he considers himself 'The raccoon host with the most!' He's got help from 'Verne' the turtle (Garry Shandling) and 'Stella' the skunk (Wanda Sykes) with their five different games to get you to end of the level.

And those games are 'Multiple Choice' - kind of self explanatory, 'RJ's Say What' - an audio clip is played and you have to guess what the clip is about, 'Stella's For Real - Stella tells a story and you must choose if it's a real story or a fake story, 'Verne's Anagrams - a scrambled word game, and 'Spot the Difference' - two pictures with one difference; you've got to pick it out.

There are two special games to advance you through the game; the first is 'Lid of Luck' - a garbage can lid that spins '1 space up,' '1 space back,' and 'Stay Put.' The second extra game is 'Hammy's Acorn Toss' - a game similar to ski ball, but much harder. A power meter is set, click the button to throw the acorn in the highest can possible. Now, you have to realize the meter moves very fast; it took me about six times to get it in the center, but I finally got it - very fun stuff!

Four characters from the Over the Hedge movie are your choices for using in the game - 'Hammy' the squirrel (Steve Carell), 'Ozzie' the possum (William Shatner), 'Lou' the porcupine (Eugene Levy), and 'Heather' the possum (Ozzie's daughter, voiced by Avril Lavigne). Even though the real actors don't voice any of the characters, it's still a very fun game and the guy who voices 'RJ' really sounds like Bruce Willis!

The characters from the movie appear in small clips from the theatrical movie throughout the game. There are over 1000 questions in the premiere version of the game, and automatic question difficulty so everyone in your family can play.

What's nice about this game is its interactive features; parents can really have a good time with their kids by helping them through the questions. And not only that, on a couple of the games, you have to shout out your answer - good competition between siblings and friends.

Wacky Moments in Human History includes 'funny facts and figures I couldn't make up,' says RJ, so 'dive face first' and pick up this DVD game for the whole family. Anyone with a DVD player can play this game; to top that off, you only use 5 buttons - left, right, up, down, and enter.

The game is so popular that even the Over the Hedge comic creators T. Lewis and Michael Fry told me, "I'd love to get a copy of that game." And the two directors of the film, Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick say, "Cool, I'm going to have to take that home with me."

Wacky Moments in Human History will be in stores soon. Over the Hedge climbs into theaters May 19th; it's rated PG.