Cheeto dust now has an official name, thanks to Frito Lay. The snack company revealed the name last week and claims the company as a whole has known the name for many years now. But will it stick with fans of the cheesy snacks? That remains to be seen, but there is already an argument happening about where the real name originated from and whether or not Frito Lay should continue to use said name.

Frito Lay has officially given Cheeto dust the name "Cheetle." All of that delicious orange or red dust that coats your fingers after eating a bag is now referred to as Cheetle, which sounds and looks a lot like Avengers: Endgame star Don Cheadle's name. He has yet to respond, but MCU fans did take notice, as did people mentioning Donald Trump. Rachel Ferdinando, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay North America, had this to say about the Don Cheadle sounding name in a statement.

"Snacking on Cheetos has become a special experience for many fans, including the experience of having the iconic cheese dust left on your fingers. We (Frito-Lay executives) have long called that red and orange cheese dust 'Cheetle,' but it became clear from our fans the special interest they had, so we knew it was time to share our beloved name for this magic ingredient."

As it turns out, Frito Lay has had Cheetle trademarked for over a decade and has already used it to promote Cheetos. Chester Cheetah, brand mascot and all-around badass, used Cheetle as a hashtag in 2015. The Cheetle has already been used for the Cheetos popcorn sold at participating movie theaters, which is what reportedly sparked further interest in it.

While many are pondering the use of Cheetle, there are more than a few people who know that the name has already been used on Urban Dictionary for 15 years now. The definition on the site is, "the orange, powdery residue left on your fingers after eating Cheetos." The Cheeto dust name goes back even further, which The Hangover star Ed Helms pointed out on social media. He explains.

"I call bullsh*t. The brilliant Rich Hall invented the word 'cheetle' as a Sniglet on Not Necessarily the News back in the 80's."

As of this writing, Rich Hall has yet to speak out on the Cheetle buzz sweeping the nation. Whatever the case may be, the name might not be able to catch on past Cheeto dust. For decades, children and adults have ruined clothing, computers, phones, homework, and many other things with the harsh Cheeto dust. It's a part of pop culture that withstand the test of time, but Cheetle might end up falling by the wayside, except for hardcore Cheeto connoisseurs. Today was the first to report on the official Cheeto dust name.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick