Tom Holland is set to star in the Russo Brothers' upcoming Cherry movie. Luckily for the directing duo, the movie is based on a book that is already out, so Holland can't go and spoil everything for the masses. Holland has been cast in the lead role for what will be the Russo's first post-Marvel Studios movie and it will see the actor taking on a pretty different role from the iconic Peter Parker, which should be interesting to see.

The Russo Brothers' AGBO production company acquired the rights to Nico Walker's novel Cherry over the summer after a pretty fierce bidding war. The brothers are set to direct from a script by Jessica Goldberg, who previously adapted the novel Exit West for AGBO. Cherry is expected to begin shooting this summer, though there are no other details about the project in terms of who else will be starring or when the movie might see the light of day. With a production start this summer, we could easily see the movie hit theaters by next summer or fall.

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Cherry is a fascinating story that is based loosely on Nico Walker's real life experience. At the age of 19, Walker enlisted in the United States Army and served in Iraq as a medic for 11 months. Out of all of the pretty insane material in the book, Walker wanted to get his service in Iraq to be as realistic and true as possible. Some of the things that he saw and did over there are unspeakable, and he came home with what one forensic psychiatrist called the worst PTSD he had ever seen. However, his diagnosis wasn't until later.

After serving for nearly a year in Iraq and being pretty messed up, to say the least, Nico Walker got into drugs. With his raging opioid addiction and money quickly depleting, Walker needed to figure something out and fast. In real-life, Walker started robbing banks, carrying out 10 heists in four months before getting caught and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Though much of the book is fiction, it is all based on Walker's life and Tom Holland is going to play him in Cherry. Walker currently only has 2 more years left of his sentence.

Though it has not been confirmed, it is believed that Tom Holland will next be seen on the big screen in Avengers: Endgame. It's a mystery for now, but Peter Parker was Decimated at the conclusion of Infinity War and it is believed that he'll make it back, especially since he has Spider-Man: Far From Home hitting theaters this summer. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are still fine-tuning Endgame, though they have an edit on lock that they are pleased with currently. Variety was the first to announce that Tom Holland and the Russo Brothers were reuniting for Cherry.