Chevy Chase was driving over New York's Tappan Zee Bridge on February 9th when he confronted a driver that cut him off. 74-year old Chase then claims that the driver kicked him so hard that he fell on to the ground. Chevy Chase's temper is legendary in comedy circles (and tabloids) and it appears that the comedian was ready to fight another driver after he thought that his car was scraped in the road rage incident.

A new report suggests that Chevy Chase told the driver that if he was younger, he'd "punch the him in nose," which resulted in the other driver flipping Chase the bird. The unidentified driver then claims that Chase punched him in the face. As a result, one of the passengers got out of the car and kicked Chevy Chase so hard that he fell to the ground, according to the comedian and police reports. Police cited the passenger for second degree harassment and physical contact. Police also spoke to a witness, who was not involved with either Chase or the other driver. The witness pulled over because he said that he did not want to see an elderly man "get his ass stomped."

Road rage is an epidemic in the United States and it's pretty telling that 74-year old Chevy Chase would step out of his vehicle to confront another driver, especially after he realized that the driver did not even touch his car. According to Chase, he went to address the driver on his reckless driving when the incident took place. Chevy Chase denies throwing the first punch and the passenger of the other vehicle claims that he kicked towards Chase to keep him from making contact with the driver's face. Chevy Chase is still an angry dude after all of these years.

Back in the early days of Saturday Night Live, after Chevy Chase had left, John Belushi turned the cast against him, according to Chase. In particular, Bill Murray was reportedly the one who hated him the most after hearing stories of his behavior towards the rest of the cast on the show. Murray reportedly confronted Chase about something and the two traded insults. Bill Murray told Chase to go home and "#*@%" his wife and Chevy Chase told Murray his face looked like something Neil Armstrong had landed on, which resulted in a physical confrontation.

There are literally too many instances of Chevy Chase's bad temper to print, but it's commendable that he's stuck to his guns throughout his whole life. Chase could have been shot and killed, but his temper got the best of him and resulted in a swift quick that landed him on the ground, on the side of the road. You can read more about Chevy Chase's adventure in road rage via TMZ, who first reported about the incident.