Star Wars merchandise has always been pretty weird once you leave the realm of action figures and other pretty normal forms of movie promotion, but the Chewbacca bean bag chair is here to make it into the pantheon of weird The Last Jedi merch. There are also versions of Yoda and the Death Star available as well, which are also really weird, but the Chewie bean bag chair is pretty notable because it just looks like a giant ball of fuzz with teeth and nothing else to really stand out as being Chewbacca-like. House guests will definitely have to first ask what and then why?

The new line of Star Wars bean bag chairs are available through Pottery Barn's teen section and they're pretty damn expensive. The slip covers alone are $169 and then another $100 if you want them to come pre-stuffed. Each chair is 41" and you can do whatever it is you would do with a giant Wookie bean bag chair that looks like some kind of round dog or bear. It literally has the bare minimum of Chewbacca features to have it be vaguely passible as a Wookie.

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Pottery Barn is really ramping up the celebration for The Last Jedi with the bean bag loungers and even a Millennium Falcon cockpit bed for children. That one will only run you $3,999 dollars and it seems like it too, has the bare minimum of features to make it look like it's from Star Wars. At least the Chewbacca journal and hoodies have the iconic utility belt to signal that it's Chewie merchandise and not just some random fuzz ball. Lucasfilm may have jumped the shark with the latest run of Star Wars merchandise and that's saying a lot since there are some pretty bizarre pieces of Star Wars memorabilia.

Though not officially licensed, the Tauntaun sleeping bag is right up there with one of the weirdest pieces of Star Wars merch, but it's also pretty genius, so it gets a pass. Bonus points because it actually looks like a Tauntaun, which is more than we can say for the Chewbacca bean bag chair. Again, totally weird, but super awesome are the officially licensed Boba Fett miniature guitars that were manufactured by Fernandes in 2001. If you have the bean bag, you probably also bought the Wookie Cookie, Galactic Recipe book as well, which makes a lot of sense, actually.

Star Wars fans live in an epic time as The Last Jedi is set to hit theaters in a few months and now you can finally sit on Chewbacca's face. Or at least a giant brown fuzz ball that semi-resembles the legendary Wookie. Maybe if you're lucky, the movie theater will allow you to bring in your giant Wookie bean bag chair and watch The Last Jedi on it. It could happen. If you're interested in dropping nearly $300 on said bean bag chair, head over to Pottery Barn Teen and order one up.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick