The Fort Worth, Texas Police Department has enlisted the help of the galaxy's most famous fuzzball to help their new recruits. In a new video, which is intended for new police officers, Chewbacca is seen learning the ropes as a new recruit. Not that this is considered official Star Wars canon or anything, but the video makes it clear that this takes place after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in, dare we say, something of an emotional moment.

"We know things have been tough for Chewbacca lately. We hoped that we could find a place for him within our Department. Did it go well? You decide"

Mostly, this video is just a really cheesy, but definitely entertaining way to used Star Wars characters outside of Disney and Lucasfilm. The video definitely goes for the low-hanging fruit, in terms of Chewbacca humor. He's clearly too tall for the squad car, people who have been pulled over don't understand what he's saying, dog jokes. You name it. It's all here. But there's a moment between Chewbacca and his partner that gets a little sad. Chewie is looking sad over a meal, when his partner makes the timeline clear.

"Hey, I'm sorry about Han."

Chewbacca and Han Solo have been two halves of a whole ever since Star Wars was introduced to the world in 1977. So, when Han Solo died in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was very tough for the audience. But, it's also going to be really tough for Chewie, as one would expect. So, in this fictitious universe depicted in this training video, the Wookie decides to go be a cop to try and fill the void.

This particular video from the Fort Worth Police Department also makes use of the well-known fact that Wookies can rip a man's arm from its socket. One poor police officer finds this out the hard way. At the very end of the video, the department sends this message to its new recruits, using everything Chewbacca did in the video as a way to demonstrate what they're looking for from their officers.

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"Attention Wookies....Attention rookies! Welcome to the Fort Worth Police Department! Remember to always show courtesy and respect to our citizens and always provide professional service. And may The Force be with you!"

The police officers of Fort Worth have made use of Star Wars characters for their training videos in the past as well. Last year, a video depicting a Stormtrooper failing miserably at a shooting range also gained quite a bit of popularity online. That particular video also featured a brief cameo from Darth Vader. Maybe they can get Boba Fett to teach them that disintegrating a suspect is never the right way to go next? You can check out the Chewbacca training video, courtesy of the InsideFWPD YouTube channel, for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott