Child's Play (2019) director Lars Klevberg already has an idea of where he would like to take the sequel. The remake is currently number two at the North American box office after coming in at the lower end of the initial box predictions. Reactions to Klevberg's remake have been mixed thus far, but the director has a pretty interesting idea of keeping the franchise going and it doesn't necessarily have to do with bringing back the iconic Chucky doll. Will horror audiences be up for seeing a sequel?

In a new interview, director Lars Klevberg discussed his ideas for a possible Child's Play remake sequel. Klevberg's latest spin on Chucky changed his origin story and put it into today's world of technology and the use of A.I. The doll ends up gaining sentience and becomes a killer instead of being possessed by a serial killer. When asked about the possibility of a sequel, Klevberg had this to say.

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"For me, this was just trying to make this the best movie possible. Like, never foreshadowing any detailed plan of where you want to go as a franchise. But yeah, for me I think I love the Buddi Bear concept."

Lars Klevberg went on to say, "I love the other stuff, and I think we should spend - if that happens - later on, we should spend more time with those assets," when referring to the Buddi Bears. With that being said, the director doesn't believe his Child's Play remake focused enough on setting up a possible sequel, but that was by design. He says, "I think that was presented a little too short in this movie, what the Buddi Bears are and can be capable of doing." The main focus, as Klevberg already noted, was to make the best movie possible.

The new world of Child's Play is far from over and Lars Klevberg wants to come back to tell more of the story. "I haven't said everything I need to say," states the director. Klevberg went on to say that it will ultimately be up to the audience to decide whether a sequel is made or not. As of right now, a sequel does seem like something the studio will pursue, though they will probably decide on a release date far away from the summer blockbuster season.

Younger horror fans seem to be the ones who are really enjoying the Child's Play remake, while older horror fans are on the side of Child's Play franchise creator Don Mancini. But, should Lars Klevberg end up making a sequel with the Buddi Bears instead of Chucky, there might be more of the old school crowd more willing to give it a chance. We'll just have to wait and see how the remake ends up doing when the initial theatrical run is over. The interview with Child's Play remake director Lars Klevberg was originally conducted by Bloody Disgusting.