The Child's Play Remake decided to give the iconic doll a facelift. Now that the movie has premiered, more than one person has noticed a likeness to President Donald Trump in the new murderous doll design. The new Chucky, who is voiced by Mark Hamill this time around, doesn't look exactly like Trump. He has thicker and darker hair, but there is something about the new face that resembles the current president of the United States and it's rather creepy. Was this done on purpose by director Lars Klevberg?

"Oh, you caught that?" asked Child's Play star Aubrey Plaza. The actress is known for her deadpan humor and her talent of adlibbing on the spot, so this could just be some fun for Plaza. She recently tried out for Catwoman with Stephen Colbert and went way out of the lines which were initially drawn for the sketch. She had this to say about Chucky's possible link to Trump.

"I'm waiting for all of the think pieces to come out about this issue. I mean, what can I say? The thought crossed my mind a couple of times. Maybe I improvised some lines about it. Maybe they made it in the cut. Maybe they didn't. We'll see."

Mark Hamill was unaware of the similarity when it was pointed out to him, which seems strange since he's not a big fan of Donald Trump and his administration. "That's pretty accurate... Now he's even creepier than he was before," said Hamill. Director Lars Klevberg says, "Some people say that," before admitting some scary similarities. While it doesn't seem like the look was intentional to troll Trump, it may have been an accidental byproduct while shooting the remake amongst the cast.

"(Chucky's) incredibly creepy," says Brian Tyree Henry when asked about the Donald Trump look in the Child's Play remake. He went on to ask, "And who's creepier (than Trump)? You know what I'm saying?" All jokes aside, the new Chucky is not based on Donald Trump and any similarity is purely coincidental. One could argue Don Mancini's original Chucky design has a stronger resemblance to Trump than the new Buddi Doll. Regardless, people are going to see what they want to see and some see Trump in the Child's Play remake.

Donald Trump has yet to respond to the Child's Play similarities, but he just might. He has been known to only sleep for around four hours a night, which leaves plenty of time to tweet his problems with the Democrats and the fake news media. Maybe the remake will receive a bump of popularity from the Trump comparisons over the weekend, it all really depends on if it shows up on the president's radar or not. The interviews with the Child's Play remake cast were originally conducted by Variety on the red carpet premiere.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick