A brand new clip from the upcoming Child's Play Remake has made its way online. The remake of the iconic horror classic is just around the corner, as it's set to arrive in theaters this weekend. It's got Star Wars icon Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky in a pretty radically different take on the franchise. Instead of a doll possessed by a serial killer, we've got a technologically advanced, murderous toy. Those who still aren't sold may want to check out this clip, as it might be that little extra something to put it over the top.

The clip sees Andy (Gabriel Bateman) attempting to convince his mom (Aubrey Plaza) that something isn't quite right with his Buddi doll, Chucky. Specifically, Chucky is trying to kill a poor, innocent girl. For viewers, this seems totally ordinary. Within the world these people are playing in, a killer doll sounds absolutely ridiculous. So, naturally, Andy fails big time in trying to convince his mom of what he saw, despite a pretty harrowing and believable, panicked attempt. Sadly, we don't actually get a look at Chucky in action, but it does set the stage for the bloody events that are surely set to follow.

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One of the big takeaways here is the actual acting talent on display. Gabriel Bateman, specifically, is really bringing the goods here. Child actors can ever so quickly derail even the best movies or TV shows. But when they're good (just look at Stranger Things) it can elevate the material in a big way. We're not saying this movie is definitely going to be great, but it does look like the actors are really going to be on their A-game. Aubrey Plaza will definitely have a lot to work with on her end as well. And let's not forget that Brian Tyree Henry, one of the most promising actors in the business right now, is in this thing as well.

This has proved to be an enduring horror franchise, despite its relative lack of breakout success at the box office. The movies have always done just well enough, seemingly, to keep chugging along. The first was released in 1988, with subsequent entries following every few years, with the most recent entry being 2017's Cult of Chucky. While that version of the franchise is set to continue on the small screen with a new TV series from creator Don Mancini, MGM thought it was time for a big screen reboot, which is where this remake comes into play.

Brad Dourif has voiced Chucky in every previous movie. Not having him on board may be a sticking point for horror die-hards, but Mark Hamill is no slouch as a voice actor. Lars Klevberg (Poloroid) is in the director's chair for the remake. Child's Play is set to arrive in theaters on June 21. Be sure to check out the brand new clip from the Orion Pictures YouTube channel for yourself.