Lars Klevberg's Child's Play is currently out in theaters and the director is already teasing a sequel. Now that the movie has premiered, many horror fans are left to wonder about what comes next and how the latest incarnation of the franchise can move on. As Klevberg says in a new interview, a sequel will all depend on the fans and if they want to see more of Mark Hamill's Chucky on the big screen. There are SPOILERS for the Child's Play remake below, so read ahead at your own risk.

The origin story of Chucky has been changed for Child's Play 2019. Instead of being possessed by a serial killer, the doll's technological safety features are turned off by an angry employee at the Vietnamese plant where the Buddi Doll is constructed. The worker later jumps out a window. Chucky ends up with his new friend Andy and things begin smoothly until Chucky starts learning, later inspired to kill by watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and witnessing Andy and his friends laugh at it.

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Chucky continues to learn and becomes more evil as the movie goes on. He is made by a company named Kasdan and he is able to control all of their products to wreak havoc and kill because of their cloud-based storage. Even though Chucky is later dismembered and beaten, his memories live in the cloud storage, which means his consciousness can be transferred to another Kasdan product since Andy and his friends only killed the physical portion of the doll. This has led Lars Klevberg down a new path for the sequel, which could see Mark Hamill taking on a new A.I. product in a possible sequel.

There is a hint of the survival of a second Buddi Doll, but it seems unlikely Lars Klevberg will go in that direction for a Child's Play remake sequel. Instead, he wants to explore Buddi Bears, which makes perfect sense. One of the things that separates the new Chucky from the old is the fact that he can record and share secrets or the last screams of his victim. He is constantly learning and uploading analytics to the Kasdan cloud. It is possible to have Buddi Bear with Chucky's cloud knowledge transferred, which would make him even more powerful than ever before.

The technological aspect to the Child's Play remake really sets itself apart from Don Mancini's original and straying from the Chucky doll would be another way to do so while keeping this new spin-off of the franchise fresh and new. This would also let Mancini continue to run the franchise as he always has without much competition from the studio. Heck, with the A.I. technology, there could be a whole army of products with Chucky's cloud streamed to all of them. Child's Play is currently in theaters now.