Chucky has shifted his focus from the Toy Story gang to Annabelle in the latest poster for Child's Play. The horror remake finally arrived in theaters over the weekend and the results, in pretty much every way, were better than expected. Heading into its second weekend, the horror flick will be doing battle with Annabelle Comes Home. As such, Chucky has now turned his attention toward the iconic possessed doll.

Prior to this latest poster, the marketing team for Child's Play had released a string of posters in which Chucky killed off the likes of Woody, Buzz and Slinky Dog, since the movie was opening up against Toy Story 4. Now, in a similar fashion, this poster sees Chucky, seemingly in the Warren's room of possessed objects, as seen in The Conjuring. He's smashed open Annabelle's case and taken her head off. The new version of Chucky, via his reflection, can be seen in one of the pieces of shattered glass still attached to the case.

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Nobody ever expected Child's Play to best Toy Story 4 at the box office. But there were still certain expectations, given that franchise creator Don Mancini wasn't going to be involved, and given that this is the first time the series has ever had its continuity broken in more than 30 years. Plus, Brad Dourif, for the first time, wouldn't be providing the voice of Chucky. Instead, Star Wars icon Mark Hamill stepped in. On the human side, the cast is led by Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Gabriel Bateman. That has proved to be a surprisingly enjoyable combination. The remake, directed by Lars Klevberg, currently boasts a 62 percent, both from critics and audience members, on Rotten Tomatoes.

On its opening box office weekend, it grossed a decent $14 million domestically, working against a $10 million production budget. That's by no means a smash, but it's certainly not bad for a movie such as this, which seemingly had very low expectations placed upon it. Annabelle Comes Home, meanwhile, is the latest entry in The Conjuring universe. It serves as the directorial debut of longtime franchise writer Gary Dauberman. The sequel looks to get a jump on things as its opening mid-week on June 26. So it's going to be the battle of the killer dolls, which should be fun to watch.

It's highly likely that Annabelle Comes Home will come out on top, as The Conjuring spin-offs, even on the low end, have proved to be highly successful. This time around, the possessed doll will be terrorizing the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren in what looks to essentially be Night at the Museum, but scary. Critics have yet to weigh in, though, if this poster is anything to go on, it's going to be horror fans winning out once again this weekend, one way or the other. Be sure to check out the poster from the official Child's Play Twitter account below.

Child's Play Annabelle Comes Home poster