Heads up, horror fans. We've got our first look at the upcoming Child's Play Remake coming down the pipeline within the next week. MGM decided that it would be a good idea to give the iconic murdering doll a makeover for modern audiences and their new take on the long-running franchise is set to arrive in theaters later this year. While there are mixed feeling about the movie overall, seeing the first trailer will be our first real indication as to whether or not this will be a worthwhile endeavor.

According to a new report, MGM is set to release the first trailer for Child's Play in the coming days, as it's been rated and is set to be attached to The Prodigy, which hits theaters next weekend. It makes a lot of sense to attach the trailer to a wide-release horror movie and the timing seems just about right. More often than not, the trailer winds up online a day or two ahead of whatever movie it's attached to in theaters. So we should expect to see it online by Thursday at the latest.

The cast for the remake is headlined by Aubrey Plaza, who plays the mother of the young boy, played by Gabriel Bateman, who winds up in possession of the killer doll. Brian Tyree Henry is also on board to play a police officer who gets tangled up in the drama. This time around, Chucky won't be possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. Instead, it's going to be a technologically advanced toy that has been given a new design. Brad Dourif, who has voiced Chucky in all seven of the previous movies, will not be voicing the doll in this movie.

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MGM found themselves in an interesting position with this project. The rights for the franchise are split up, with Universal retaining the home video and TV rights. Meanwhile, MGM has the theatrical rights. So, they've decided to reboot the enduring horror series, which has been going strong since 1988 with the continuity still intact. In fact, creator Don Mancini is still keeping that version of the franchise going, with a Child's Play TV series in the works for SyFy and other planned movie sequels that won't be released theatrically. Ultimately, this means we'll have two versions of the same franchise going at the same time.

Things could wind up getting a little contentious and confusing as a result, but there is no changing it now. The remake is being helmed by Lars Klevberg, who previously directed the unreleased Polaroid, which has been plagued with release issues ever since it was completed. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details, including the actual release of the trailer, are made available. Trailer Track.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott