Chucky drew first blood. Now the Toy Story mutants are getting even. This weekend, it's something of an interesting showdown at the box office, as both the Child's Play remake and Toy Story 4 are opening in theaters. The creative team behind Child's Play, in the months leading up to the release, showed that they were well aware of their competition by releasing a series of posters depicting Chucky killing off the beloved characters from Pixar's most popular franchise. Now, a fan by the name of Jason A Messina has taken it upon himself to even the odds just a bit.

Artist Jason A Messina recently took to Twitter to share a poster of his own creation which shows some characters from the very first Toy Story tearing Chucky to shreds. Specifically, Messina cleverly makes use of the mutant toys that Andy's neighbor Sid concocted, who seem to be handling themselves just fine against the murderous doll. They've got a noose around his neck and the bottom half of his body chewed up in a blender. Yeah, it's pretty dark. But no more dark than roasting Slinky Dog over a fire. Messina had this to say in his caption.

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"I made this Toy Story clapback poster in response to the posters of the new Child's Play Chucky killing Woody, Buzz, etc. & while those posters are really great, it seemed fitting that the 'storyline' would continue w/ the Mutant Toys getting some much deserved revenge"

The artist also included the excellent tagline, "He killed their friends. Now they wanna play." Even though this isn't official, it's a brilliant way to cap off this fun little franchise war. In the end, much like in this new poster, it's going to be Woody, Buzz and the gang who have the last laugh, as Toy Story 4 is expected to absolutely dominate the weekend.

At present, director Josh Cooley's entry in the long-running franchise boasts a very impressive 97 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It's expected to handily best the competition this weekend with $140 million or more at the domestic box office. That will make it one of the best openings for an animated movie ever. Needless to say, Chucky doesn't stand a chance.

However, Child's Play will do just fine. This remake, which features Star Wars icon Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky, has done better than expected with critics so far. It's expected to pull in somewhere around $20 million. That's nowhere near what Toy Story 4 is going to make, but the expectations are much lower for a horror movie such as this. In the end, moviegoers are going to win and both MGM have Disney have reason to be happy. Both movies are in theaters now. Be sure to check out the revenge poster from Jason A Messina's Twitter account below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott