It's been over 30 years since the original Child's Play hit theaters. Throughout the years, horror fans have always wondered what Andy's Good Guy cereal tasted like. The wait is finally over as FYE is exclusively selling limited edition boxes of the cereal and it's something you can actually eat. Prop boxes from the movie have shown up in collectors' hands and fans have even gone ahead and started making detailed replicas, which means this is going to be a highly sought after box of cereal.

The limited edition Good Guys cereal is currently only available at FYE in their stores and online. Child's Play fans can purchase a box for $9.99, so don't pay any more than that on third-party sites which have the boxes going for three times the original price. With that being said, it looks they are selling pretty quickly. You can read a description of the cereal below.

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"Wanna Eat?! Fortified with vitamins, Sugar-Coated Good Guys Cereal will be sure to give you MORE POWER to get Good Guys like you through your day! Every box contains delicious multi-color balls with crunchy rainbow marshmallows. While killing your hunger pains, you can also help Charles Lee Ray escape the police with an exciting new adventure on the back of the box!"

The Good Guy toy line was first introduced in 1988's Child's Play and is what started it all for the franchise. The Good Guys cereal should be a pleasant surprise for horror fans who were not happy about the recent reboot directed by Lars Klevberg. Fans of the original franchise did not have a warm welcome ready for the reboot and not even the voice of Mark Hamill was going to get people into the theaters. The Good Guys brand has been replaced in the reboot, so it's nice to see it back.

To date, the Child's Play reboot has made a little over $28 million at the box office. While that may not seem like much, the reboot only cost $10 million to make, so it has been a success and will more than likely secure a sequel in the near future. The movie leaves plenty of room for a sequel to take place and the studio will surely want to get more Chucky out into theaters.

The Good Guys brand has been bootlegged many times over the years, so it's nice to finally have some official cereal. This seems like a must-own for any Child's Play diehard fans, especially for only $9.99. With that being said, hurry over to FYE to purchase your own box before they are all sold out. They are currently still in stock and you can purchase multiple boxes, so grab one for a friend. In addition, Child's Play creator Don Mancini will have some on hand at San Diego Comic-Con next week. You can check out some images of the Good Guy cereal below.