Mark Hamill once voiced Chucky on an episode of the animated series Robot Chicken, but had apparently completely forgotten about it. Recently, Hamill had announced his involvement in this summer's Child's Play Remake, setting the internet on fire. As a prolific voice actor in addition to his decades-long movie career, Hamill had seemed like a good fit for the new Chucky, alleviating a lot of the reservations horror fans had for the movie.

We were the first to point out yesterday that we'd found a Robot Chicken clip from 2005, which actually had Mark Hamill voicing the killer doll for a horror parody segment. The clip went viral, making its way back to Hamill - who had totally forgotten he had voiced Chucky for the show. In response, Hamill tweeted about the sketch, making sure to point out his new Chucky voice won't be the same as the one heard on Robot Chicken.

"I'd forgotten I did the Robot Chicken parody until I saw this post. It was an homage to the great Brad Dourif version I love. But the Child's Play movie is a reboot with a completely different origin for the new Chucky."

It's clear Hamill has the utmost respect for Brad Dourif, who has been voicing the original Chucky since 1988. In the first movie, Dourif played serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who transfers his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll using black magic. That aspect of the story is totally gone in the new Child's Play, as the movie's killer "Buddi" doll will be technologically advanced with artificial intelligence. It will be an issue with the new Chucky's A.I. that makes it go completely haywire. Coming from a completely different background, it stands to reason the new doll's voice will sound considerably different than Dourif or Hamill's homage to the actor on Robot Chicken.

Everyone knows Hamill from his time spent in the Star Wars franchise, portraying Luke Skywalker in many feature films. He has portrayed the Joker even more often, however, first voicing the legendary Batman villain in Batman: The Animated Series. Hamill would reprise the role for many other animated movies and shows, in addition to multiple hit video games. He might be playing the character in voice only, but many fans consider him to be among the best actors to have played the Clown Prince of Crime. Based on this achievement alone, Hamill's casting as Chucky makes sense, and if it can't be Dourif, it's best that it's Hamill.

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The original Child's Play timeline is expected to continue as well. Syfy has ordered a TV series from Chucky creator Don Mancini, which will follow the events of 2017's Cult of Chucky. Because the original timeline is still ongoing, diehard fans of the series are less than thrilled about a movie reboot being fast-tracked by MGM. However, the movie's potential success may actually help the Syfy series by introducing fans from a new generation to the franchise. While Mancini and some Child's Play stars have expressed dissatisfaction in the reboot being made, original director Tom Holland says he's "looking forward" to seeing this new version of the classic clasher movie.

The new Child's Play hits theaters on June 21, 2019. Despite the controversy surrounding the movie, the superb trailer and excellent casting choices make the reboot seem promising. If the movie turns out to be a hit, chances are a new franchise will be born, with Hamill voicing Chucky in future installments as well. At the very least, viewers should go into the MGM and Orion's new movie with an open mind. This comes direct from Mark Hamill's Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick