The Child's Play franchise has been around for nearly 30 years and it is still going strong. Maybe not super strong, but it's viable. Creator Don Mancini is currently promoting the latest sequel in the franchise, Cult of Chucky, which is set to arrive on October 3. During his promotional tour, he has talked a bit about some pretty crazy but possibly awesome ideas he has for the franchise. The coolest one? He wants to see a Chucky vs Freddy Krueger movie, and he has a great pitch for it.

Don Mancini, who wrote the original Child's Play movie and has been directing the more recent entries, appeared on the Necromanicast podcast in order to promote Cult of Chucky. During the conversation, he talked a bit about his Chucky vs. Freddy idea, which he calls Child's Play on Elm Street. Basically, it would be Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but with a whole bunch of teenagers being murdered. Here's how Mancini explains his vision for the NIghtmare on Elm Street crossover movie.

"I've talked about this a lot over the years and it's actually an idea that I think is cool and doable. It's would require arranging all the legal red tape between two different studios. But I think Chucky versus Freddy would be awesome. Because they both have distinct personalities, and they both talk, they would be a really fun double act. My idea for the movie is to do it as a horror movie version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It's called Child's Play on Elm Street. Chucky ends up in the bedroom of a house on Elm Street. And Freddy meets him there. And they're, like, fans of each other. So they have this rapport. But then they realize Elm Street isn't big enough for the two of them. It only can contain one killer."

How fun is that? The idea that Freddy and Chucky would have a sort of reverence for one another, but then have to enter into a contest to see who can actually stick around on Elm Street. It's quite creative, as far as these things go. It would be easy to go the Freddy vs. Jason route and just have the two icons try and kill one another for 90 minutes, but this sounds like it would be much more enjoyable. Even though Mancini says it is "doable," there is likely way too much red tape in the way to ever have this actually happen.

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As it stands, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is currently awaiting a reboot after the failure of the 2010 attempt. Child's Play is chugging along on home video, but Warner Bros. wants something a bit more theatrical when Freddy returns. Plus, Universal owns the rights to Chucky and it is hard to imagine the studios playing ball. But horror fans can dream. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Maybe Don Mancini will have better luck with his Chucky in space pitch.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott