The Child's Play Remake box office estimates are in. The remake has not been met with wide open arms from the horror community like MGM probably wanted and banked on, but there is still hope that it will manage to do well at the box office. There are a number of issues with the remake, but the most important one of all is the fact that franchise creator, Don Mancini, has nothing to do with the movie and he is not happy it's being made, leading to a lot of horror fans have taking his side.

It has been estimated that the Child's Play remake will make anywhere from $12 million and $22 million during opening weekend at the box office. This obviously is not a lot of money, especially when considering Toy Story 4 opens on the same day and is looking to make nearly 10 times that amount. However, the remake does not really share an audience with the animated sequel and its budget is nowhere near it. So, there is a chance it could end up a financial success in the long run, which could spawn sequels.

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MGM already wants to move forward with Child's Play sequels and producer Seth Grahame-Smith has echoed the sentiment. With Mark Hamill on board as the voice of the murderous Chucky, Aubrey Plaza, and Brian Tyree Henry, there is a chance the remake will reach a younger audience who may have missed the boat on the original Child's Play movies and are looking for something newish. Old school horror fans will more than likely be sitting this one out or at the very least, waiting until it is released on Netflix or Blu-ray.

Another thing the Child's Play remake has going against it is Annabelle Comes Home hitting theaters the next week. The Conjuring franchise is pretty big and one can easily see a remake getting lost in the shuffle if things don't pan out right. If the early reviews are positive, Child's Play could possibly hang around the box office a bit longer, but as it stands right now, things are not looking too good for the remake, which may cause some smiles amongst fans who have been championing Don Mancini this whole time.

Don Mancini is working on a Child's Play TV series for the SYFY network, which he promises will be closer in tone to the first two movies in the franchise. So far, the working title is Chucky and it already sounds promising. The Child's Play remake hits theaters on June 21st, which is just right around the corner. Will it do better than what has been predicted, or will it possibly do worse? We'll just have to wait until those early reviews start to pour in. Box Office Pro was the first to report the Child's Play remake opening weekend box office estimates.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick