Child's Play Remake stars Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry have released videos on social media of them attempting to frighten their young co-stars. The controversial remake is currently filming in Vancouver, B.C. and things are starting to get pretty scary behind-the-scenes for the younger members of the cast. Overall, the set videos prove that the cast is already having a pretty good time with each other.

Aubrey Plaza seems to have been the one who started playing the scary pranks. In one of her videos posted on social media, the actress can be seen getting ready to hide underneath some blankets to scare Gabriel Bateman, her on-screen son Andrew, as he gets into a van. As she jumps up and screams, Bateman simply sits down and then says, "I'm not scared. Not even in the slightest," which causes Plaza to call the situation "all-out war" on her social media account. It appears that this is only the beginning.

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As for Brian Tyree Henry, he has had some better luck with his methods, roping the whole crew into his first prank. Child's Play remake director Lars Klevberg can clearly be seen in the video, setting up a new shot and telling the young cast members to take a deep breath before they call "action." As the filming starts, a door opens, showing the kids right as Henry jumps into the frame and scares the living hell out of them. It's pretty funny, even as Gabriel Bateman claims to not have been affected by the prank.

Child's Play creator Don Mancini is currently working on a new TV series based on the franchise, which means that the original line is still moving ahead, while the remake is being made. Horror fans are divided about the reboot, and some are downright hostile over the fact that it's being made at all, including Child's Play 2 star Christine Elise, who believes that MGM made a bad move, going forward with the reboot without Mancini's input. The Child's Play franchise is pretty rare these days because it has never gotten the reboot or remake treatment in the 30 years since Chucky made his big screen debut.

The Child's Play remake recently unveiled their new Chucky doll, which has received mixed responses from fans. However, Don Mancini had the best response when he posted a meme of pop diva Mariah Carey holding a sign that reads: "I don't know her." The remake is going to face an uphill battle when it's released and it will be very interesting to see the reactions when the first promotional trailers and teasers are released. While we wait to see how the movie is received, you can check out some behind-the-scenes pranks below, thanks to Aubrey Plaza's Instagram account.