The Child's Play Remake has a new Chucky that looks quite a bit different from the killer doll we knew from past installments of the series, and FX artist Todd Masters has provided some insight on the new doll's design. After spending decades in the field, Masters is one of the most talented FX artists of the horror genre.

His company MastersFX was tasked with creating the new killer doll in Orion's new Child's Play movie releasing this month, and various teasers have given fans a good look at the updated Chucky. While there are certainly some similarities, there are many key differences in the doll's design, but according to Masters in a new interview, there's sound reasoning behind the new appearance.

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"That kind of got me interested in it in a different way. It wasn't like we were trying to take the original design and soften here and round there and do things like that. It is a totally different thing. I think people will understand that when they see it."

Later in the interview, Masters went on to further clarify why the new Chucky looks the way he does, which apparently ties directly into the movie's plot.

"The first doll was triggered by something else and it was what was required for that narrative... The reason that you're emotionally connected to Freddy, or Chucky, or any of these characters is that the story and the design just work together. They just kind of function as one. We couldn't do the same design. Fans want it, but sorry, it just wasn't in the cards. It had to be a new design for a number of reasons. And if they don't like it, it's not supposed to be anything but a doll (laughs)."

What we do know about the new movie's story is it doesn't appear that black magic will be involved. In the 1988 original, the killer Chucky doll comes to be after serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll by way of the dark arts. The 2019 version of Chucky will have artificial intelligence which apparently goes haywire, putting a technological twist on the classic character. We'll likely find out more about what turns Chucky mad in the new movie when it comes out, but what's already been made clear is that the new doll will have quite a different origin story compared to the original Chucky.

In the reboot, Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) stars as Karen Barclay, a single mother who makes the fatal mistake of purchasing the sinister doll for her young son, played by Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out). Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) also stars as Detective Mike Norris, who investigates Andy's possible involvement when people start turning up dead around him as a result of Chucky's handiwork. Star Wars star Mark Hamill will provide the voice of Chucky, taking over the role previously played by Brad Dourif in every other Child's Play movie.

Dourif may not be coming back as Chucky for the new movie from Orion, but he isn't done with the character just yet. Next year, a new Chucky series from creator Don Mancini will bring back Dourif along with several other stars of the franchise to reprise their roles. The new series will pick up where 2017's Cult of Chucky left off, which ended with multiple cliffhangers. With so much story in the series left to tell, an episodic series seems like the perfect way to continue the original movie series.

With both a reboot movie hitting theaters this month and a Chucky TV series coming next year, the Child's Play franchise may soon become more popular than it's ever been before. The trailer for the new movie looks very promising, so let's hope it does the original justice. You can watch the new Child's Play when it hits theaters on June 21, and you can read the rest of Masters' interview over at Horror Geek Life.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick